About Us

Meet Wooby.
Wooby hails from a very large family of bear. A reserved soul who never had a moment to himself growing up, Wooby was eager to move into his own home, a sanctuary of inner peace. A nature lover and hobby horticulturalist, Wooby and his goldfish Wendy enjoyed a serene and uneventful life ... that is, until you-know-who showed up. 

Meet Peep.
From the day she was born, Peep was an adventurer. As soon as she sprouted her headfeather, she was off to find her place in the world. After traveling from city to city with her pet iguana Ricardo, she finally settled on a quiet litle neighborhood ... that is, until she showed up.

Meet Wooby & Peep.
WoobyPeepToday, Wooby and Peep live side-by-side as neighbors andBFFs. When Wooby and Peep aren't dealing with unnaturally disastrous events as a result of their kinship, you can find them together, playing an absorbing round of Go Fish.