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Good News_Peep_RicardoHere you'll find out what those book people and media types are saying about us, in case you were wondering.
“First, some introductions: meet Wooby, a brown-and-white dog with a pet goldfish, Wendy; and Peep, a yellow-and-white duck with a pet iguana, Ricardo. When party animal Peep moves in next door to quiet Wooby and says, “You think the neighbors will mind my sound system?” you know Wooby is in for a tough time. Peep decides to have a housewarming party, but the neighbors all come up with hilarious excuses for not attending. Squirrel RSVPs, “I’m alphabetizing my nut collection that day.” Everyone is a no-show except Wooby and Wendy, who feel it’s rude not to attend. Peep’s attempts at friendship go awry—he accidentally knocks down Wooby’s tidy house—but in the end, a shared love of playing Go Fish brings both parties together. Peterson’s warm, saturated illustrations incorporate panels and word balloons, giving this the feel of a picture book–comic book hybrid. Fun details abound, from the Two Dogs and a Moving Truck moving company (bulldogs in do rags!) to Peep’s collection of animal-themed superhero comics (Batdog & Robin). Make a little room on the shelf for this winning tale of unlikely friendship.” - Booklist
“After an inauspicious start, two very different characters find common ground and friendship...surprisingly affectionate, both in the text and through Peterson's artwork, with its washed pinks and soft blues and simple, expressive line. It is also worthy that Wooby can see past his stick-in-the-mud existence and Peep's bumbling to find something of real value. Friendship is where you find it, and as this book demonstrates, sometimes it's under the most unlikely of rocks.” -Kirkus Reviews
"In this very unique picture book, a sweet and funny story is paired with unusual art to give readers a memorable picture book experience. Readers will find it hard not to laugh as poor Peep tries to be the best friend she can be, and it is heartwarming to see how Wooby comes to understand and appreciate Peep’s intentions. As they read the story and watch Wooby and Peep interact, children we see that very different people (or animals) can become friends."  - Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews
Good News_Wooby_Wendy"There is no better message to share with your children then to accept another's differences and look for something you can connect with them about. Tolerance, acceptance, and friendship are great themes in this fun book. And the illustrations are fabulous! With so much to look at and explore on each page my daughter stayed fully engaged while we read this story together!" - Momma Drama
"What a cute story that even the youngest of children will enjoy having you  read to them.  My daughter Savannah kept asking me what the balloon tags on each page read.  This is what kept her engaged, in addition to the  cute illustrations with their soft blue and pink hues.  Truly a treat to enjoy with your children, and a great choice to share for Valentine's  Day." - Robin M. at Inspired by Savannah
"This is a great book to read with younger and older children about patience with new peers, getting to know people, and trying to find things in common with others." - Beth at The Angel Forever
"I loved this book, as it really opens up to show us that although people might be totally different, you can always make friends ... even in unusual circumstances!" - Noelle at Jumpin' Beans