Fan Art

PeepOur Book-Warming Party was wildly successful. We want to thank everyone for coming and crafting our likenesses, munching on the cookies, and bringing gifts.  GIFTS--oh, I love, love, love gifts. It was a wonderful event, and we want to thank you so much for supporting our first book!
Wooby and I are fanning ourselves over the the fan art some of you created for us. If you have fan art that you would like to share with us, please contact us and we'll post it to the website.  Thanks to everyone for coming to the par-tay! I can't wait for the next opportunity to shake some feathers! 
Petra, who is six years old, made a great version of me out of pipe cleaners! She captured my wingspan and my tapping feet. And check out my headfeather: spot on! Great work, Petra!
From Rita Crayon Huang. We loved this interpretation. And yes, Wooby knows he should have practiced some calming strategies over the tree. But it was a very special tree, so I really don't blame him. Excellent, Rita!
Rita Crayon_fanart
Maple Lam did a great one of what we look like when we are partying it up. We especially love flying confetti. Thank you, Maple.
Maple Lam
Eliza Wheeler has a great rendition of us in party-mode as well. And this happens to be EXACTLY what we look like when we attend a parade. How did you know?! Thank you, Eliza!  Truly, truly, truly wonderful!W&P_fanart_ElizaWheeler
Su Moon did a really fun one of us where I am hugging Ricardo and Wooby is hugging me. Maybe I am hugging Ricardo a leetle too hard. But at least Wendy is safe in her bowl. We are are great at hugs, aren't we? Thank you, Su!
Su Moon_fanart
Finally, Ken Min created a nice one of us for those who love a classic!  We really think we look much more cheerful than the two people who posed for the original painting.  Though Wooby's face got tired from smiling after a while, but really, the original artist should have used animals to model for his painting. Look how natural we look!  Thank you, Ken!
Ken Min_fan art